Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Future is Now

This pic labove looks like my old Blue Roadmaster of the 50's.not exact but close enough. The colors are right. I rode that bike everywhere I could go in Cleveland Heghts, Cumberland, Cain Park, exploring gulleys and what was left of Severance Estate in Forest Hills and beyond.

I like what my friend Susan Wiseheart said when we ended our group session on Skype, "They told us this was going to happen, and now it is here" and I add "We are in it. The future is now".

The Past can be the Future: Here is a pic of me on my new 3 wheeler bike. When I was a kid I had a blue Roadmaster, two wheeler. Life comes full circle.


beahaven said...

Great bike. I have been thinking about getting a bike. What kind of bike is it? Can it be purchased online? I don't drive.

sharon raphael said...

Hi , welcome back.

Re bike: I went to my local bike store. I wouldn't buy one online as it needs to fit right and feel right. Just look at 3 wheelers. I think mine is a Tristar. It is fairly lightweight
That is easier to pedal. The heavier ones take bumps better. I live in a flat area, pretty level here. I would check out a Schwinn too. Mine was about 500. not sure as it is a pre birthday present from Mina. By the way, I am on Facebook more than here these days. Check my can be interesting but entries are shorter. I have over 100
on my site and several post real interesting entries which I also post for my friends.