Friday, November 14, 2008


Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State: "Yes We Can"

When it was clear Hillary Clinton was losing the primary race to Barack Obama, the idea of Hillary as Secretary of State did flash through my mind. Now this notion is closer to reality and the naysayers are out there saying Hillary is too demanding, her husband Bill would present a conflict of interest, and her politics are too hawkish, also she would have a shadow government that would come with her, a ridiculous idea if you ask me. Barack has been reading a new book out by Doris Kearns Goodwin titled Team of Rivals about Abraham Lincoln's cabinet which consisted of many former rivals including a Secretary of State ,William H. Seward, (1861-65), who did not agree with Lincoln on a series of issues concerning foreign policy. In the end, they became best friends. Barack as described by Doris Kearns Goodwin appears to want to run his administration in the same way Lincoln did so successfully, listening to many points of view, absorbing them fully and then making his own judgement about what foreign policy to take.

I sincerely believe, Hillary Clinton is smart enough and has enough good will to want to be Ohama's Secretary of State making sure Obama's final decisions are followed to the tee as it should be; yet making her own brilliant mark on the position by tirelessly working on the country's behalf keeping a careful balance between carrying the big stick of Teddy Roosevelt days and at the same time not alienating or making more enemies than we need or want. Perhaps, HIllary can put the final nail in the peace treaty between Israel and Palestine and the other Arab countries. Her husband certainly worked extremely hard for that goal. The truth is Obama and Clinton are not that far apart on these foreign policy issues. One difference is tone and Obama's tone seems more peace oriented or maybe that is in our heads but for whatever reason I believe Hillary Clinton will change her tone and should that is if she is in her right mind she will. I do believe Hillary Clinton is a very competent person and would have been an extremely effective President ;therefore, I have no doubt that she can fulfill carrying out the tasks of Secretary of State which takes the similar kind of combination of talents as one would need in a President. I predict the naysayers who appear to be" all along supporters" of Obama are wrong on this one. This will show Obama is a big man who can have people as much larger than life as he is as a colleague. As Martha Stewart always says "This is a good thing". And I think it is a going to happen. "Yes We Can".

Sharon Raphael, Long Beach

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OLD Lesbian Pic from AARP/SAGE Conference in Brooklyn, New York (Oct.)

"Give this CARD to Your Favorite Old Lesbian" OLOC members showing cards to give out at SAGE conference in NYC
Marlene and Sharon at Table