Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pope's Death Evaporates The News

Yes, Pope John Paul II's death is big news but in the last week news covering all aspects of the deceased Pope's life and death has all but evaporated other news.
The Iraq War which he oppposed is off the front pages. Why isn't the War he opposed covered in as much detail as the news surrounding Vatican events around the Pope's passing? We know more about what the Pope is wearing and who is in the audience viewing him as a deceased person than how many died in Iraq.

I remember when Eleanor Roosevelt died some admirers wanted to build a statue of her.
Others closer to her stated it was not appropriate to build a physcial memorial but more beneficial if people respected and continued in having compassion for people and having her interest in all aspects of bettering the world's negative social conditions. Milllions throng in long lines to see the Pope's body lying in state. More could be done if the spent the same time and money fulfilling some of the Pope visions for society and I don't mean the morality edicts about birth control, abortion, celibacy for priests, and lack of opportunity for women in the Catholic hierarchy but am talking abou this vision for a better future for poor people and the rest of us around the world.

Monday, April 04, 2005