Tuesday, October 07, 2008

No on 8 in California: Please Vote No So We Can Say Yes

The online excerpt below shows that those of us and our supporters who want to allow Gay Marriage to continue to be legal in California need to get to work as the Yes on 8 proponents appear by several polls to be ahead in one instance by 4 points. One reason is the No on 8 side is behind on fundraising for media ads. The No on 8 group need an infusion of funds to catch up and move ahead of the insidious kind of ads the Yes on 8 types are sponsoring including promotion that is shown over and over again which depicts Gavin Newsom, Mayor of SF, speaking in a probably concocted by exaggeration using a hoarse and irritating voice saying in reference to the State Supreme Court decision " Whether they like it or not" meaning the anti Gay Marriage folks will get it whether they like it or not. Whether concocted or not it was an unfortunate clip given the usually positive images and wonderful quality Mayor Newsom projects to most of his community most of the time.

Our side had a great Ad to begin the voting season of a earnest nice looking woman dressed in wedding finery on her way to The Alter being made to stumble many times by forces beyond her control that parallel what is obviously the mean spirited types backing Yes on 8. But that ad was not paid for by No on 8 and was considered a promotion by those trying to promote tolerance and caring as No on 8 is never mentioned in the promotion. There is an Ad of two nice looking older parents of a Lesbian who both remind the public in a respectful way that they want their daughter to have equal rights. But it is not enough. We also need more supportive No on 8 forces working on the phones and in other venues speaking on behalf of the No on 8 philosophy. We need to keep making the point that Separate in not Equal. That our having marriage does not take away from a heterosexual couples status if we are given the same status. The best communicators of this message is probably those who are heterosexually married themselves making that phone call. And I know plenty of them are making those phone calls. But everyone can help. Vote No on 8 So We Can Say Yes.

Foes of gay-marriage ban say poll shows Prop. 8 leading
The campaign says it is being outspent and urges more donations. Both sides ramp up outreach to Latinos.
By Jessica Garrison, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
October 8, 2008
Opponents of a campaign to ban same-sex marriage in California said Tuesday that a new poll shows them in danger of losing -- unless people step forward with more contributions to pay for No on 8 television commercials.

The opposition has enjoyed a healthy lead in several surveys taken by polling organizations that do not have a stake in the campaign. But officials with the No on 8 campaign held a conference call with reporters Tuesday to announce that their own poll showed the measure would pass by four points. Opponents attributed the result to fewer television ads, which is, in turn, a result of the No on 8 campaign falling behind in fundraising.