Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Voted for Hillary Clinton

I voted for Hillary today in California. It was a difficult decision to make but in the end I agreed with Robin Morgan's refrain at the end of one of her pro-Hillary articles where she said "I am not voting for Hillary because she is a woman but because I am." Morgan reminded us how powerful Hilary's voice has been for women by inserting her adddress to the 1995 UN World Conference on Women in Beijing. Go to following adddress to read Clinton's speech. What male candidate could ever come near to voicing women's issues to the world as Hillary Clinton has. If Barack Obama is selected to run against the declared Republican candidate for President I will support his quest for the Presidency.

I voted for Hillary realizing that the younger generation of voters supporting Barack appears to think Obama is the answer to all their vision of what the future should be. Obama has been built up into a postmodern savior or Knight on a horse coming to rescue mankind (and I think I do mean mankind not humankind). He claims he has a new mindset that would keep us from ever engaging in another Iraq. This notion is very appealing to all of us who wish we lived in a different world. Yes, Obama was wiser on the original vote on Iraq but after the deed was done it appears he did not stick to his convictions completely voting for bills authorizing funds for the War after his initial opposition. Hillary is not perfect and I guess I trust the fact she appears to understand her own reality better than Obama understands his.

I voted for Hillary because I like her health care plan better than Barack's which is not universal but which he thinks will eventually cover everyone whereas Hillary would start out requiring coverage for all. I voted for Hillary not because I agree with every position she takes but because I think she will work hard to get the basic changes we need. Barack has not been specific. I am afraid of his no holds barred approach to politics. He is too eager to be all things to everybody. Barack says he wants to reach out across the aisle but does not explain what his love fest with Republicans will mean for us in the long run. Hillary is more realistic and though she will work with Republicans as she has in the past, she is not setting herself up for unrealistic outcomes and compromise. I also voted for her because I just like her better than Obama. She has been through a lot and still has overcome and thrived. Yes, I think Obama has not been tested enough but I do hope my fears are unjustified and that if Obama wins in the long run, the dreams of millions supporting him will be realized.

I am not dreaming or standing on principle. If I were, I would have voted for Dennis Kucinich who was on the California ballot. I want my vote to make a difference. I voted for Hillary because I think I will get what I see. She will get our troops out of Iraq same as Obama has also promised. She makes no promises she thinks she cannot keep. If enough old women like me voted for Hillary, it will make a difference. I think she will stand up for us. We are people too and do want a better future. I think our votes are more radical than the younger people who support Obama will ever understand. It is a funny feeling, me, a former MLK groupie, anti-Vietnam War protester, Lesbian rights activist being seen as middle of the road and out of step. I am not out of step. It is a woman thing. And it is our time, way past our time, for all women, young and old.

Sharon Raphael