Thursday, December 15, 2005

Legal Action against Undocumented Students in CSU's

"A group of out-of-state college students filed a class-action lawsuit Wednesday challenging a law that lets some illegal immigrants who graduate from California high schools pay lower in-state fees at the state's public colleges and universities. The 2002 law allows students who attend at least three years of high school in California to qualify for the same in-state fee break given California citizens, regardless of their immigration status." Associated Press

Many of the students who would be affected by this lawsuit if it were won have been residents in the US since they were very young children or infants. They have graduated from high school in the USA and would not be able in most cases to pay at the level of out of state student fees if the challenge described above is won by the out of state students. I don't see how it helps the out of state students to take money away from in-state undocumented students. Once again it is a case of hurting those most in need rather than taking a positive action and trying to get fees lowered without hurting a small but special group. Almost a million students enroll each year in the CSU's and less than two thousand are undocumented seeking discounted fee waivers which put them in same category as citizens who were born here or can prove residency and citizenship.

If it is necessary to reduce out of state students rates, that is fine, but please do not get reductions off the backs of those who will help this state the most by not ending up on the welfare or dependency rolls. These undocumented students will have good careers ahead of them and more productive lives as a result of meeting student requirements and being allowed to attend a CSU in the State where they reside.

Monday, December 12, 2005