Friday, November 18, 2005

Vice President of Torture

I think it was great (Friday, Nov. 18th) when Adm. Stanfield Turner, former CIA Director, called Cheney "...The Vice-President of Torture.... " So who may I ask is the President of Torture?


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bob Woodward and Company

It appears that Bob Woodward, the reporter who was partly instrumental in bringing down Nixon and company by using his "Deep Throat" source and keeping that mouthpiece a secret for thirty years has got himself deeply involved in the Bush Whitehouse "Plame affair" recently apologizing to his newspaper The Washington Post that he did not reveal information in a timely way that he knew about a source who told of CIA agent Plame/Wilson's existence and in effect "outed" her as a covert agent before Scooter Libby, Cheny's right arm guy, is accused of doing it by the new independent prosecutor, Fitzgerald, who is investigating Bush's people on this score including Rove and Cheney.

Bob Woodward looks a lot like Judith Miller in this instance. Miller is seen as a sell out to the Bush administration. It appears Woodward is trying to protect Libby and perhaps, others close to the Whitehouse and close to Bush. I am not sure if that is one and the same or not. One wonders who is running the Whitehouse Bush or these "other" people who seem to come right out of a cloak and dagger novel. Cheney standing up for torture, Rove concocting ways of keeping Bush, the empty head, appearing "right' to the public, Rumsfeld bowing to and doing PR for the NeoCons, a brutal mob of imperialists, or is he one? Why in the world does it appear that Woodward wants to associate with these characters is beyond my comprehension.
I know he is writing a book about Bush and has been given easy access to information. perhaps, in exchange for his cooperation, a deal made with the "Devil" I would think. Only time will tell or is it as easy as understanding Woodward has been corrupted and just got too close to his sources just like Judy Miller. Let's hope it is something else but right now I doubt it is anything too deep.