Thursday, May 17, 2007

How Lesbians are treated in Iran: One young woman's story

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Ruby the elephant arrives at new home (PAWS)

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and Ed Stewart Thanks Jan.

Ruby leaves barn on her first day at PAWS, her new home near Stockton California and is seen in pen. Soon she wil be released and will be able to wander in the large acreage of her new home which has lakes and plenty of tree branches and grasses to eat. Other African elephants are on the grounds and she has already been greeted by one standing nearby. I guess they are preparing Ruby gradually for entrance into her new environment. I am happy for Ruby, the 46 year old elephant who spent most of her life in the circus or confined in smaller spaces at the Los Angeles Zoo and for a short time at a Tennesee zoo. It does seem as though Ruby is fond of the keepers who took care of her in Los Angeles as they accompanied Ruby on her trip and will stay awhile to see her through the transition to her new place. I look forward to getting more pics of Ruby in her new digs. For more pics of the day Ruby moved go to


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reggie is seen again at Lake Machado (Aussies are coming)

"Reggie the alligator could be seen cruising around Machado Lake in Harbor City on Wednesday. (May 9, 2007) The team of the late Steve Irwin has been enlisted to try to capture Reggie in July." (Sean Hiller / Staff photographer, Long Beach Press-Telegram)