Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary Wins Pennsylvania by ten point margin

Hillary comes through in Pennsylvania. I have to give it to her, she has perseverance and lots of fight left in her. Her speech to the Pennsylvanians and America tonight was a high point of the race. Yes, I did waiver, although I was still supporting Clinton and hoping she will ultimately have a final victory. But I still wonder what will happen to the Dems as a result. It looks like Hillary and Bill will leave it up to the superdelegates to pick the real winner. Mathematically she cannot win by counting delegates and as for the popular vote, that will likely also be very close or in Obama's favor. What she can argue if she succeeds is to say she has the large and most populous states and that the momentum in on her side. She also has to prove that Obama is unelectable against McCain.

As a person over the age of 65, I think Hillary is more in my camp than Obama can be given the youth of his most passionate supporters. I do not think the youth of America are considering those of us who are presently in the old age group. The place I get stuck is on foreigh affairs. Some in the media are shocked that Hillary said she would bomb Iran if Iran attacked Israel with nuclear bombs. Actually no one seems shocked about the nuclear bomb on Israel part only the obliterate Iran part. Of course, I do not like that kind of talk but the hypocrisy on the part of the media and others does kind of get to me. And then there is the race card. In some ways, Hillary's strong draw with her blue collar union supporters and nearly or out of work crowd may have that race card thinking in their brains somewhere. This makes me queasy. I hope I am wrong that there is not a subtle message out of there. Vote for the "white girl".

Bottomline is Hillary is the first woman running for President who can get elected and is for a fact also not right wing or Republican and that is a plus for me. I would never vote for a Republican woman over a Democratic man. Where am I now? If Obama is the nominee I will support him strongly. Right now, I hope Hillary can make a case for herself, get a new infusion of funds and keep on going winning her most likely states with big margins. If Hillary is to be the nominee she still has to contend with
the biased media which folks seems to be ignoring to a large degree at least definitely so in Pennsylvania.

I heard her nemesis Chris Matthews say the Clintons think they own the Democratic Party, that they are the Democratic Party so they can make the superdelegates and the direction of the Party go any way they want which I think was a very uncalled for and unfair set of remarks. I'd say it was a bitter remark if it wasn't so ironic. Chris is bitter and has to let his anger go somewhere. I see no evidence that the Clinton are getting their way with the Dems. Everytime I turn on the tube, I see some new major Dem Superdelegate who is supporting Obama. Lots of mainline Dems are for Obama. If the Clintons are so powerful re The Dem Party as Mattthews suggests these delegates would be sticking with the Clintons. What do you say to that, Mr. Matthews??