Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hillary is declared the winner in 3 out of 4 States: Big win in Ohio

Hillary is declared the winner in three out of four states, Ohio, Rhode Island, & Texas. Obama is ahead in the delegate count in Texas. Both Hillary and Obama made speeches tonight. Hillary spoke in Ohio to a very enthusiastic crowd before she won Texas. It was a confetti night (lots of confetti) and she was glowing with pride and exuded confidence saying she would go all the way to the end of the race.

Obama spoke eloquently as usual but there was a element of disappointment in the air. Obama attacked the newly declared Republican nominee for President, John McCain bringing up international issues. It sounded like I can change the way we do business in the world and move us back to being a nation respected by people all over the world.

It is this international face of Barack Obama I really like and admire. I hope Hillary will pick up on this theme of moving the nation in a more peaceful direction and in a way that would help change our image around the world. Too bad that as a woman candidate she has play "I am the more hawkish candidate". I don't think there is really that big a difference between the two on foreign policy when it comes down to the direction either one will take the country.

It is hard to figure out what the future holds for these two candidates. They are and will be clearly breathing down each other necks. Will the Democratic leaders who are not taking sides i.e. Howard Dean, Al Gore, Gov. Richardson (maybe?) intervene and force the two candidates to make some kind of deal or will this race go all the way to the convention. The fear is the Democratic Party will be hurt by more attacks being directed particularly from the Hillary camps toward Barack. MSNBC's Fineman reported that Barack called Hillary tonight probably to congratulate her on her victories in Ohio and Rhode Island at that point but one can't but wonder what else if anything was said. It is hard to picture either one of these candidates in the Vice-President candidate slot. Fineman seemed to think Obama may have said something about how the rest of the race needed to be less muckraking and mudslinging.

It appears now that the super delegates are the key to her victory as well as a strategy that says I have the momentum on my side now, the majority of the big and populous states, and I am a fighter who get things done even under the greatest of pressure. The pressure thing sure is a good argument on her part. The only question I have is that the experts appear to be saying even if Hillary wins every state from now on she still can't win enough delegates to win the race. Obama will not be able to get the magic number either given the scenario as it is now. Can anyone explain this one to me in better detail? How can Hillary win then? How can Obama win then? Will the super delegates put Hillary over the top swayed by the argument that she is the one? Will many of Barack's supporters be so devastated that they will bolt from the Democratic Party? Someone tell me what are the possible real outcomes here? I know Hillary will not drop out if she keeps winning. Who would?

I for one think Hillary had to go on the attack to gain the momentum she picked up tonight. She also was relentless and unceasing in her campaigning in every county in Ohio. She was amazing and I feel this is an indication of the energy she will put into the Presidency if she gets it. Yes, it was not good that she played dirty pool in not answering a reporter's question about Obama's religion saying she had no information about him being a Muslim instead of saying she knew he was a Christian and stop that nonsense. Of course, I haven't heard her side on this one yet. I also feel she has to play hardball because she is a woman, that was clear. The television media and the internet media is against her. The sexism is as thick as the thickest smoke is in a smoking parlor. One can choke on the jabs and jibes. How about that kitchen sink analogy? Hardball Chris Matthews and his buddies on MSNBC are still at it, haven't learned a thing. Thank you Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live, even these horribly sexist pundits gave Fey and her SNL team credit for turning the corner for Hillary in her skit paroding Hillary. Hooray for the women. We all won tonight.