Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gray Panthers and The Older Adult Center at CSUDH

Maggie Kuhn, Founder of Gray Panthers

taken from Gray Panthers site

Yesterday was Earth Day and The Older Adult Center on our campus at CSUDH where I volunteer as the faculty adviser decided to regenerate our Gray Panthers membership and created our very own chapter of the Gray Panthers at CSUDH. We participated in Earth Day which has been a regular important item on the Gray Panthers' agenda whose motto is "Age and Youth in Action". The no. 1 priority though of the Gray Panthers in California is Health Care and Gray Panthers supports a kind of universal health care policy that includes a single payer tax system which rules out private insurance company involvement in the system. Our Older Adult Center had a table at the Earth Day event and we had a lots of people at our handout table from about 10 am to 4pm. It was an enjoyable time and the weather was great. The days before had been way too hot. It took place in our sculpture garden located in front of LaCourte Hall which is our Humanities Bldg. We had handouts on the services of our Older Adult Center which processes fee waivers for students over the age of 60 and provides a supportive environment those who returning students who identify as older i.e. 45 plus. We also train interns who want to learn how to work with older adults in a campus setting. Next step is to invite a Gray Panthers from an established chapter to come and speak to us about the important issues and to give us ideas on projects we might wish to undertake.