Friday, February 17, 2006

Picture of Felicity Huffman Playing in TransAmerica

TransAmerica: Felicity Huffman is superb.

Felicity Huffman is superb in the movie TransAmerica. All the actors are good and the movie is able to carry off a serious topic with humor. TransAmerica is a story about a not so young person who started out life as Stanley and is now calling herself Bree. Bree gets a call about her biological son and ends up bailing him out of jail played very successfully by Kevin Zegers.

They both end up taking a trip across America with the intent of finding a place for the son who doesn't know he is Bree's son. Bree gives the young man age 17 the impression that she is a Christian do-gooder just helping him out. It is a very funny device as Bree's character is in some ways tentative rather than devout, intelligent and curious rather than zealous. Bree is also depicted as feminine and precise bordering on fussy. She is afraid of snakes and doesn't like camping out which they are forced to do on at least one occasion. Meeting Bree's parents and her cynical sister is a highlight of the movie.

My feeling for TransAmerica is that it is delivered without sentimentality yet I experienced the entire movie in a very heartwarming way. Insight into the struggle of Transexuals is evident without hitting the moviegoer over the head with a hammer. I enjoyed the film immensely. Bree became a very real person to me. I feel she is out there somewhere living a good life, another person I know who I really respect and like. Kudos to all involved in the making of this film. Felicity Huffman definitely should win Oscar's Best Actress. I applaud and salute Bill Macy, Huffman's husband, for producing the film. Thank you.

Sharon Raphael

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Brokeback Mountain Event with Diana Ossana on Campus at CSUDH, Carson Ca.

Advertisement for Event my LGBT Faculty and Staff Group is sponsoring on my campus located in Los Angeles, County in Carson, California. Event is free. Parking is 3 dollars.

CSU Dominguez Hills Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Faculty and Staff Association Presents:

Is the success of Brokeback Mountain a sign of the times?

A dialogue with guest speaker and Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter/producer,
Diana Ossana.
Ms. Ossana will speak about her experiences in getting
Brokeback Mountain to the big screen.

When: Friday, March 3, 2006, 1-2:30 p.m.
Where: Claudia Hampton Lecture Hall, Welch Hall

Diana Ossana and Larry McMurtry co-wrote the screenplay for Brokeback Mountain. Ossana and McMurtry won the Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay for Brokeback Mountain. Ossana was also a producer for the film.

"A close friend of mine said to me once that people are mainly motivated by two emotions: fear and love...[Writing the script for] Brokeback Mountain was not a labor of love for most of us; it was a labor of great passion and belief." "Heath [Ledger] was asked by an interviewer recently if he felt brave taking on the role of Ennis. He replied, "Brave? Firefighters and policemen are brave. I’m just an actor, getting paid to act. I feel lucky to be involved with this project.” ---Diana Ossana, Advocate, January 2006
Co-Sponsors for this event are the College of Health and Human Services, the MultiCultural Center (MCC), the Office of Student Life, the Women's Resource Center & the Institute for the Study of Diversity and Internationalization. For more information please email:, or

Directions to the FREE LGBT event: Claudia Hampton Auditorium is on the first floor of Welch Hall (right across from the small food store), at CSU Dominguez Hills, 1000 E. Victoria St. in Carson, 90747. It's freeway close-- Avalon Blvd exit off the 91 freeway, 190th St. Exit off the 405. Look for the Home Depot Center on Victoria St. and turn right onto Tamcliffe Drive.. The parking lot is right near Welch Hall. Yellow
kiosks tastefully located on the perimeter of the parking lot sell permits; parking for non-CSUDH folks is $3.00. Go to for
detailed directions and map. Main campus number: (310) 243-3696