Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can Hillary Win Ohio After Obama's Victory in Wisconsin?

Okay. I admit it. Hillary is on the ropes now after Barack Obama's big win in Wisconsin. The news analysts seem to suggest that the reason for Clinton's loss in Wisconsin is that blue collar white men moved into Barack's column in larger numbers than ever before and that these workers abandoned Clinton who seemed their former choice. Will this happen in Ohio? If it does, the only big supporters of Hillary that seem to remain will be white women over sixty or more and Hispanics. I never imagined this strange twist of affairs. There is no question that Barack wows his audiences with his speeches and he has wowed me more than once. I still am hanging in there with Hillary until it is all decided. There still could be some kind of turnaround but I wonder if there is too much of an uphill battle for Hillary, a battle against sexism, a battle against a new generation that doesn't get Hillary like some of us older women just do. I need a boost in the morale department around now. Does anyone have the required amount of morale boosting juice to make us more hopeful. If so, please comment here. Thanks.