Thursday, January 31, 2008

Violence in Kenya

What is happening in Kenya which since the fifties has been a stable country with a democratically elected government is a terrible tragedy. Hired thugs are killing people, hacking them to death. The U.S. has a long history of good relations and cooperation with Kenya. Many Kenyans have been educated in the United States including Obama's deceased father. These killilng are fueled by inter ethnic (tribal) tensions but primarily a result of the recent elections. Kibaki remains in power but is not on top of the situation, has become invisible, showing no leadership while violence reigns. Many think the elections were fixed. There are calls for Kibaki to step down and give the reigns to either the military or Odinga the opposition leader. I don't understand why the outside world is so indifferent to the misery happening in Kenya. Of course, we haven't done anything about Darfur either. I don't claim to understand African politics or history but those who do should be offering some kind of solutions. One radio personality from Kenya said the violence would stop, when the politicians or their stooges stopped paying the thugs to kill people. Intervention of some kind seems warranted. The crisis in Kenya is worsening day by day.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

John Edwards would be a great Attorney General

I think Hillary Clinton if she wins should appoint John Edwards for Attorney General. I know the rumour is out that he should have same job in a Barack Obama administration.

Hillary Wins Big in Florida: The Votes Don't Count

Hillary wins Florida, though the votes don't count, the put downs keep coming in for instance, some of the headlines and pundits are calling the vote in Florida "a beauty contest". Obama's campaign manager, supposedly tongue in cheek, called the results a tie 0 for Clinton 0 for Obama. Chris Matthews continued his put down of Hillary showing his amusement by the fact that Hillary appeared at a party held in her behalf as a result of the Florida outcome. The fact is the vote count in Florida putting at least 20 points ahead of Obama at last count, shows she is doing well in a State with a diverse population with many urban, suburban, and rural areas. Hillary is also bound to take California, another diverse state.* Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Obama was a big event but probably not enough of a elevator ride to change what will be the outcome of the primary election and most likely the general election too that will result in the first woman being elected President of the United States.

And guess what Chris Matthews, you will never see it coming and never report it as it develops but it is undeniable that women will come out from every hamlet and place in America to support another sister who they can see is competitive enough, up to the task and beyond the capabilities of most men who have tried to be elected to the highest position in the land. And that's the way I see it. Chris Matthews and men like you, stop your sneering long enough and you too might actually see what's coming. Be amazed. Behold. A Woman is Coming and you will have to cover her almost every day for the next 8 years. Perhaps, by then, you won't have a job because over half of your viewership will have stopped watching you realizing how irrelevant you are.

Hillary came on the air while I ws writing to say she will attempt to get the votes to count in Florida. She said Florida is an important state as we can all testify from the last election and all the Dem votes should be counted. How this will happen within Democratic Party circles I have no idea. I am sure Obama forces will fight for the opposite outcome. Keep your eyes on this development. In any case, Hillary looked so good tonight. I think she is catching on. This is a turning point for her. I know
something is happening within me. The idea of her and the image of her in the White House means something to me.

the vision of Hillary in the White House is moving and I am way left of Hillary. Something is definitely happening. I liked when Hillary said she will be a President who will be concerned about what is happening in every home. (paraprasing) She will have her eyes on what is happening at homes throughout this country not like Bush and Cheney whose eyes are always on the profits of the great oil companies. (all this is paraphrased from her MSNBC interview tonight with Matthews and Obama. Matthews managed to contain himself but still persevered in his sexism by asking if she has reigned in her husband or some nonsense like that. She answered by saying she was in charge, yes, and that all spouses get passionate when campaigning for their spouses. I thought it was a gracious response, more than Matthew deserved and she thanked the All Mighty Matthews who ended the interview on that note.

*The only caveat here is that Florida has more 65+ residents than many other states including California. Hillary will have to make sure she reaches deep into the youth vote to assure herself of the edge in the California and other elections. She is alredy doing this with the African American vote. She need to get enough votes from every segment of the population to make a difference. And she knows that.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama Turns His Back on Hillary

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., greets Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., back to camera, as fellow hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. turns away before President Bush's the State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress, Monday Jan. 28, 2008, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Is this an angry, arrogant man or what? At least Hillary had the grace to shake Ted Kennedy's hand and she probably would have done the same with Obama.


After Bush's State Of the Union, Obama is Seen On TV News Shows but not Clinton

After Bush's numbingly boring State of the Union speech 08, Obama is interviewed by Olberman on MSNBC and appears on CNN. Barack is asked about Senator Ted Kennedy's "anointment" of him to be the Democratic standard bearer for President. Brian Williams mentions that he asked Hillary Clinton questions about Bill Clinton's future role in the campaign. Brian says "she is not having any of it". After that, it became quite apparent that Senator Clinton would not/did not appear on either of the two above mentioned major TV news shows. I understand why the disappearing act as she would have only been barraged with questions about Bill's campaign tactics which the press interpreted as very demeaning of Barack, their new savior on their newly found frontier of politics which they see Barack as inheriting from the Kennedy era.

I think it was a smart move on Hillary's part not to appear as the whole focus was not on her but on her husband which I feel would not have benefited her in any way. It would have been in her view I believe a waste of time and I agree with that sentiment fully, although obviously I am just second guessing this non news event. Perhaps, Hillary can use this bias of the media to her advantage. Next time she comes on the air which I suspect would be soon, she can blast the male idiots for their extreme bias against her. They obviously are not taking her seriously. All they want to do is gossip about what Bill did or said or what he meant. I think much too much is being made of the Bill thing. The media would have distorted whatever he said or did not say as they are just waiting for a chance to see him slip. It might be a good idea for Bill to take a break or maybe better for him to come back with an assault of his own against these obssessive anti-woman, anti-Hillary male interrogators i.e. Chris Matthews and Brian Williams. Have I left anyone out?