Friday, June 06, 2008

In Memoriam for Paula Gunn Allen: One of Our Best

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With great sorrow I pass on the news that we have lost another of the wimmin who have made such a difference in our Lesbian world. Our prayers are with Paula's extensive circle of friends and family.

From Paula's Memorial Website.
Paula Gunn Allen, Ph.D., American Indian scholar and poet, joined the Ancestors on May 29, 2008 at her home in Ft. Bragg, California, after a long battle with illness.
Funeral services were held graveside on Monday, June 2, 2008, at 3:00 p.m. at Rose Memorial Park, Ft. Bragg). A memorial service in the San Francisco Bay Area is tentatively scheduled for mid-July. Updated information will be posted on this website. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made for the establishment of a scholarship in Paula's name. Please send them to:
Institute For Indigenous Knowledges
1536 W. 25th St. #120
San Pedro, CA 90732

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

California's Supreme Court Ruling Allows Same Sex Couples to Wed

AGP Gay Marriage
Mercury News-San Jose
California's Supreme Court has just announced
that it will not stay the landmark ruling itmade last month, which overturned the state's ban on gay marriage. This latest decision means that same-sex couples could be able to wed in California as soon as June 17.
> Conservative groups opposed to gay marriage, joined by 1 state attorneys general, had asked that the ruling be stayed
until after state residents go to the polls in November and vote on an amendment to California's Constitution that would
effectively override the court's decision. Their argument was that allowing gay marriages to occur before the vote would lead
to legal confusion if the amendment passed.
> This is also most likely a political loss for gay marriage opponents, as voters on the fence about the issue may be swayed by
image of gay couples being happily wed, or by simply knowing gay couples who decide to get married.
> By a vote of 4-3, the same margin as in its original ruling, the court also denied a petition to rehear the case.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Looks Like It is Over: Clinton's Campaign Ending

All the signals coming from media seem to suggest Hillary Clinton's valiant attempt to become the first woman President of the United States is over. All that is left is for us to hear what her decision is concerning her future in politics. Everyone is waiting to hear whether she wants or will be offered the second spot-Vice-President. The odds seem to be against this decision on both sides but if Hillary wants the second spot she can probably have it as she has run such a strong campaign and is technically ahead in the popular vote if one counts Michigan which the officals have not. How do I feel. Relieved it is over, sad a good woman didn't make it but hopeful that Barack Obama will be a very strong and effective general election campaigner and also hopeful Hillary will help her old rival move toward victory. It is time to lay down the armor and weaponry of both sides and come together to unite against the real foe-Republican John McCain who stands up for all the down things I oppose i.e. continuing this ungodly war, against abortion rights, for continued economic exploitation of the average worker, continued support of all the economic indicators that have contributed to this downtourn in the economy, backed by many right wing religious zealots, against helping his own brother and sister veterans from receiving education and other new benefits.

I can't figure out what future position Hillary should go after, all except for a Supreme Court post which would would not be available until way down the road. Most posts are a come down from the golden ring she wanted to grasp so badly. But I do believe, however, that Hillary will be viewed as a strong leader and force in this country for many years to come. I assume the hopefully future President Obama will seek her advice. I know one thing, Hillary Clinton will be a gracious loser and reach out to her constitutency to throw their full support behind the Democratic nominee. I can only pray that mostly all of her passionate supporters will hear her and not leave the Democratic fold to vote against their own interests. If even 15% of these folk do this, it could mean the wrong party might win. I say this because we see how important votes are when races are close and I think the race between McCain and Obama will be a close one based on the popular surveys we see coming out in the media. It does not seem possible that this would be the case but we all remember many of us could not believe that a George W. Bush could make it into the White House. Of course, in his case, the close vote was decided by power brokers not the people. Let's not let this kind of outcome happen again. We can avoid it by educating people about what is important and in their own interests. Continuing this war is one thing no one can afford.

Flash:CNN NEWS: ( paraphrased)Hillary Clinton tells NY lawmakers she is open to Vice-Presidency; however, her spokespeople say this is not a change in her position on this issue. All odds are on Obama taking his time before his decision for VP is made.

It may take a few days more to sort all these loose ends out. President Carter just came out for Barack Obama. Donna Brazile who is neutral and a former Gore campaign manager will also announce her support for Obama soon. The clock is ticking and the outcome is certain; Obama will be the Democratic contender for President. I am still hearing lots of vitriol directed toward Hillary Clinton, some of it coming from Obama supporters who are white. I just do not understand it as some say if Clinton is put on the ticket, they will vote for McCain. I find that really weird. A majority of responses seem to be saying Clinton is okay on the ticket but the vocal minority voice is disturbing.

Flash: Hillary did not give her concession speech tonight which surprised me. She is still hanging in there aware that she had more people who cast their votes for her than Obama about 18 million of them as a matter of fact. I predict that after she meets with Obama, she will throw her full support his wayif the meeting goes well . I was truly surprised she did not concede or congratulate Obama for his victory of passing the delegate mark to become the candidate for President on the Dem. ticket. But she did not and it remains to be seen when this journey of hers will really finally end.