Thursday, July 22, 2010

Excerpts from Facebook on Shirley Sherrod episode

I am so tired of hearing all stripes of Republicans and Tea Party types spin their wheels looking for examples of so called "racism" on the part of African Americans. The truth is it makes them feel better to think that Black people are just like them, bigoted and narrow minded. It is a complete projection and fabrication on their part. Breitbart shut up!!!
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Sharon Raphael I was thinking about what the next step for Shirley Sherrod will be. I think the likely move would be for her to turn down the job at Agriculture which sounds like a token appt. and for her to go on the speaking circuit at universities and non profits etc. and also to publish a book. Makes sense to me. Who am I to say though.

I am glad Sherrod received apologies and maybe even a big promotion at Agriculture.
However. this incident shows how backward
the politicians are when racial issues challenge their sense of a safe zone.
Remember when Clinton rejected a Black woman candidate for the Supreme Court because she seemed in favor of quotas in th.e South. ..
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This situation with Shirley Sherrod makes me so mad. I hope Sherrod is unfired immediately. How stupid all the way round both right wing and Dems involved. Accusing a good person of Black Racism against Whites when the reverse is true is not good sport. It is disgusting. I hope Vilsck is sacked if he doesn't correct his terrible mistake.

Sharon Raphael Toni Blankley and other conservatives are beating a dead horse when it come to the Shirley Sherrod episode. They try to defend the racist blogger who sent out the manufactured tape trying to say the NAACP
audience on the tape applauded when Sherrod said implied racist statements. I listened to the tape and feel they are making it up out of whole cloth. No one clapped, there were a few snickers as what she said sounded kind of funny, the way she said it .
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I mostly post on facebook now

I have to admit I mostly post on facebook now. I hope you check me out at Sharon Raphael on facebook. You will figure out which one I am. i do plan to make entries back here once in a great while. Sorry. I find facebook to be very interactive. Thanks for ak
Your support over the years.