Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Clinton-Obama Race: My Opinion Now

New Comment: Just saw partial rerun of Obama-Clinton debate on television. I was disturbed by Hillary and the questioners questions of Obama trying to paint him in a corner by guilt of association with radicals (the former Weatherman with whom Obama served on same Foundation Board) and others deemed non patriotic past or present. It smacked of McCarthyism. Hillary Clinton must be desperate to use those tactics. She did cover herself at one point by saying Obama was a good man but that the Republicans would use these issues to their advantage. But this attitude reinforces the sense that no one can run for President who has rubbed shoulders with people who are not considered to be seen by whomever and (I emphasize those whomevers) as squeaky clean and all American whatever that means. This business that was also brought by the host journalist of the debate about Obama not wearing an American flag lapel pin is also ridiculous and should not have been worthy of discussion. It is also part of the McCarthy like tactics being used against Obama. Gosh, I wonder what would have happened if Dennis Kucinich was still running for President as a main contender! He would have been "boiled in oil" by these boobs. 4/17/08

Sharon Raphael

Original article below:

As the race drags on and we hear more and more from the two Democratic candidates running for the top job, I am more and more thinking less of both of them. Maybe we know too much about so much of their lives-the in and outs, up and downs of their careers and even their personal relationships. Now that I know The Clintons are worth 100 million dollars I can't but help think of the "greed factor". Obama's claim to higher office revolves around his field organizing job in Chicago after he graduated from Harvard Law School. Since then, he seems the supreme opportunist leveraging the acquisition of a big house using his connections with a shady housing development mogul and supporter in Chicago. Of late, Hillary is playing the "Annie Oakley" of her generation to cater to gun owners and hunters. Obama continues to parrot everything everyone says and put his own stamp on it, a repetitious and irritating way of dealing with his opponents that drives me crazy. "He says, she says but I say meaning obama says blah blah blah. Obama says small town folks cling to religion and guns because they are bitter. Then what does Obama make of himself clinging to his own version of religion in the Black Church. On the other hand, I find Hillary exploitation of Obama's blunder pandering to forces who should be alien to her sensibilities instead she is trying to be one of them, beer swiggling, bowling buddy and liquered up. Well, maybe that is an exaggeration.

I think my problem is burn out. I want the race over already. Several pundits say this election process has not been too long or too vicious. Some say it is quite tame and that it is good to have a long competitive race. It is good for the Dems and the country. Maybe so. But I for one am finding the more I know the less I like. As a result of the major contest going on between the masses who support racial politics thus Obama and those who identify with gender issues thus Hillary has worn me out totally. Not to say I don't still support Hillary but will, of course, support Obama if he is declared the nominee. I don't plan on walking away from the Dems if Hillary loses as I have heard a few (hopefully a few) Hillary fans say they will do. I find the idea of these hopefully mythical people voting for McCain if Hillary loses quite disgusting. Disgusting because McCain stands for more War, more of the same economics-favoring the rich and anti Gay and anti people of color politics.

Sometimes I think Hillary doesn't have a chance in hell of winning the nomination and then the next minute she seems to be the only choice that can happen. She just makes sense and seems Presidential. Then I suddenly see Obama as the likely victor and come to the conclusion he must be President because if he is not, what will happen to all the good people who support him and desperately want him to win. Then I get angry and think look how long women have been waiting to see a woman President even the ones who aren't voting for Hillary are waiting. Women should not be made to wait another ten minutes. Yes, this is crazy making. What is a person to do? I should send more money to Hillary. She needs it now. It is urgent. Then I realize she will win more states coming up than Obama. She will be all right or will she? Both Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama seem to have Achilles heels. They can say the wrong things and seem out of touch. Michelle seems classist, too used to being part of the professional class. Bill in a parallel way seems insensitive occasionally on race issues in terms of how he explains what is happening in the contest for the gold ring. I should be more above fray, more loyal, more on an even keel. But this contest makes me feel off center and always looking over my shoulder to see who is running after me. Did I make a mistake, is my perception off or are both candidates opposite mirror images of themselves-each forced to be something else I never asked for, never wanted. The Emperors Hillary and Obama appear to have no clothes or they are in the wrong clothes. It will be such a relief when these two put their right clothes on again and can be themselves whoever that may be.