Friday, May 09, 2008

Hillary Needs to Make a Graceful Exit

Sad to say but it is time for Hillary Clinton to make a graceful exit from the Democratic primary scene. I heard one news report saying Obama is suggesting that his campaign is willing to pay off Hillary's campaign debt, a great idea in my book and a generous offer, although of course, the purpose being to get Hillary off the main stage and to help Obama keeping votes on his side of the party ledger. I would like to see Hillary give her full support to Obama by campaigning for him. I think Hillary if she plays her cards right will be a major figure in politics for a long time to come. I doubt she will be offered the Vice-Presidency though I would not be against that idea but, of course, that is a delicate issue and not something I really have any business even considering in my blog as that decision is for the major players to decide although I am sure whether such a decision would help gaining votes from possible defectors is obvious. Ted Kennedy seems to be against that idea stating Obama needed "real leadership", a real slam at Hillary. Too bad Ted Kennedy has to put Hillary in such a bad light. I don't think it is really deserved. This makes Ted Kennedy look small in my book.

I am grieiving the fact that the first woman President will not become a reality anytime soon. I am grieving the fact that my candidate did not make it although she tried her hardest and was very effective. She was just up against a new tide of voting enthusiasts for Obama who seem to represent a new crop of idealism especially among the more youthful voters. I hope their faith in Obama is justified. I am glad the racism is not ruling. I am sorry that it appears that Hillary and her surrogates pulled the race card and are still at it, although Hillary just stating that white working class non college educated voters like her more than Obama is rather a gray area. Is it racism or is it just stating a fact. The fact, however, may have a racist aspect to it but I don't think the race aspect is a overwhelming issue for this group but I could be wrong. I certainly hope that this blue collar class doesn't just have race on its mind and that many would just rather have any white person, woman or not, rather than have a half person of color representing them.

As soon as Hillary gets out of the race, I will fully put all my support behind Obama. I guess I am already supporting him. We need a Democrat in the White House. Obama has shown he is a master campaigner and I hope his experience running against Hillary and the others will help him to beat McCain handily. Obama is no longer running against Hillary. He is aiming his speeches against McCain and McCain no longer mentions Hillary either. I hate to be a non loyalist, down to the bitter end but I truly believe the longer Hillary stays in the race the more it hurts the Democratic Party. It sounds like Hillary will hear the calls to stop running against the tide soon. I know Hillary has done this country a great service by running for President. She will gain in stature and is already viewed as an important role model for billions around the world. I wish her well and hope Obama will ask for her help and use her great intellect and talent in a way Hillary would approve. Obama needs Hillary more than she will need him.