Saturday, January 21, 2006

Whale Swimming Through London via Thames

Whale in the Thames: Sad Commentary

The whale sighted in the Thames died while experts tried to rescue her or him and take the whale by boat out to open ocean waters. The fact that the bottle nosed whale was found in London's famous river reinforced what has been long suspected which is that thousands of whales have become disoriented and sick from underwater sonar disturbances generated by the US Navy and other military and commercial interests that cause underwater noise. It was sad to know the great creature died in such difficult circumstances. Perhaps, the whale should be seen as a warning to us all about what will come next for us if we keep allowing the powers that be to mess with nature. I believe much of the public is aware of the continual degradationof the natural world and would like it to stop. The problem seems to lie in a lack of democracy and also stems from the keeping of people in a constant state of fear which makes saving the natural world a lower priority when compared to the false sense of urgency that says we must save ourselves first. Alas, we didn't even appear to have the time to give the giant intelligent creature a name.