Saturday, January 28, 2006

See article above in Huffington Post on global warming about scientist from NASA who says the scales are tipping to the danger point. Bush attempts to silence the expert.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Betty Berzon 1928-2006

link is
Activist Writer Betty Berzon Dies at 78

After struggling half her life to accept her sexuality, Betty Berzon spent the rest of it helping others. Among her accomplishments: the books "Permanent Partners" and "The Intimacy Dance", co-founding the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center and convincing the American Psychiatric Association that we're not crazy after all.

from post at LNewsEditor at 10:02 AM  1/25/06

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Saved Man and his Hero Dogs

The following is an amazing dog saving human story. In this case, it is dogs saving a human. How on earth did the black Lab
know to pick up the flashlight and wave in the direction of the road? Once again it appears, Homo Sapiens appear to underestimate the intelligence of animals. I was reading a book called Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin who is an animal behaviorist states that animals like dogs focus on detail and and are much more aware of their surroundings than the average human. Their extra intense hearing and smell also helps. So what do you think about this dog story and how did the dog get the idea to grab the flashlight with his mouth and teeth? Or was it pure instinct? Are dogs able to think faster than humans in emergency situations? The lighter colored and older dog was no slouch either. He kept the man warm with his body. Both dogs had male names.

Dogs Alert Deputy; Help Save Collapsed Owner's Life

UPDATED: 7:57 am CST January 18, 2006
CENTERTON, Ind. -- A sheriff's deputy who found a diabetic man who had collapsed in a cornfield said the man's dogs are a major reason why he survived.
Morgan County, Ind., sheriff's Deputy Steve Hoffman said he had just finished with a traffic stop on a rural road in Centerton, Ind., one evening recently when he noticed something odd coming from a cornfield.
"I noticed what appeared to be an illumination or a light that was flickering and facing my direction," Hoffman said.
Hoffman said he went toward the light, where he found an unconscious Bill Burns and Burns' two dogs. The light was coming from a flashlight, which one of the dogs was holding in its mouth.
The other dog was lying on Burns as if to keep him warm, Hoffman said.
Hoffman said he saw Burns was wearing a bracelet that indicated he was a diabetic. Burns was taken to a hospital, where he spent four days before being released.
Burns had been walking with the dogs when he collapsed. He said he doesn't remember the ordeal, but he believes that Hoffman seeing Burns' flashlight in the mouth of one of the dogs is remarkable.
"It's got to be just fate or faith, one or the other," Burns said.
Hoffman said the dogs "definitely are the heroes in the story."
"Had he not had the dogs with him that evening, I think the outcome would have been a lot worse," Hoffman said.
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